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  • by Dr. Matthew Loop

    When utilizing social networks like Myspace, YouTube, and Facebook for your next chiropractic marketing campaign, be very careful how you proceed. You only get one shot at building credibility within your niche or local community, so, ideally you want to make sure that you receive guidance from someone who’s successfully harnessed the power of these networks already. Going at it alone will cost you thousands of dollars in mistakes, missed new patient opportunities, and a great deal of time, energy and effort learning a new language. There are also unspoken rules you must know as well if you want to be in it for the long term.

    Social media is an interesting phenomenon, in the fact that, it has spread like wildfire and permanently altered the landscape and dynamics of communication as we know it. A question that is asked frequently by chiropractors is, “Are social networks just for teenagers?” In short, the answer is a whopping no! Not sure where this misconception came from but many are still oblivious to the millions of middle and older aged folks plugged in daily. Did you know that employers are actually passing laws at work because employees are literally addicted to this style of communication? As a savvy business owner and entrepreneur, I knew the implications of this immediately so I took advantage and my life hasn’t been the same since.

    Ride the information super-highway straight to better abundance for your business and your life. Get on the path to success and utilize the unique power of Web 2.0 to transform your practice almost overnight. While you’re at it, I’ll teach you to create endless streams of income from other sources.

    I’m going to show you exactly how to get dozens of new patients through your office doors each month Modern Chiropractic Web Marketing With Web 2.0 Social Media

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